'In Optimism there is Magic’….Abraham-Hicks

Effective training is a partnership between you and your dog, based on trust, love and science.

Hi, I’m Kerry, The Fairydogmother – I work with pet dog owners to help them build their relationship with their dogs and have more fun together…. isn’t that’s what having a dog is all about?

I specialise in helping fearful anxious dogs become calm confident canines, helping dogs and owners have a less stressful happier life. I am also an expert puppy trainer.

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What is your biggest problem?

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My dog panics when I leave him home alone and barks/destroys things at home

Separation anxiety or isolation distress is awful, for your dog and for you. Wether it is because he barks the house down and drives your neighbours mad or chews up your stuff while you are out. With a carefully devised programme, I can help things get better.

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I need my dog to stop being frightened/aggressive/barking around dogs, people or food

Guarding food, toys, places or other objects
Barking and/or lunging at other dogs
Frightened of people
Generally nervous and anxious
Suffers from fears or phobias
Nervous outside the house
Aggressive towards a family member
Aggressive to visitors
Barks in the car

… or anything else you have concerns about

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I want my dog to be good off lead and come back when I call him

Do you dread walking your dog because he ignores you, embarrasses you with his behaviour or is a danger to himself because he won’t come back when you need him to?

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I want help training my new puppy

I am an expert puppy trainer and I can help you get your puppy off to a great start to help him grow up to be a well mannered, happy family dog and prevent any unwanted behaviours. I can help with everything you need from toilet training, puppy biting & chewing through to obedience & life skills.

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I want my dog to listen to me and be a well mannered dog at home and outdoors

Having a dog with great obedience means he will listen to you, know how to behave and be a member of your family you can take anywhere.

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I have children and want them to build a bond with our dog and be safe around all dogs

It is so important that your children understand how to behave around your dog, and other dogs. Helping them learn how to interact in a fun, safe way is vital.


“Create Smile moments”

Chirag Patel

Kerry did an amazing job with Princess, she does training with her for all our TV performances. She’s also helped our other pup Empress with her recall. Highly recommend!

Krystyna LennonObedience, recall & Trick Training

Just had one session so far and Kerry has shown me a lot of good techniques. For the first time in the last week I have a dog that is tired - mentally. Definitely recommend to anyone with a new dog - puppy or not.

Caroline `StewartMac - Obedience

Awsome Lady. Her advice was great and solved behaviour problem between my two dogs. Highly recommended

Magdalena BartosiakBehaviour problem

Just attended a 6 week course and found it excellent. I have a very timid pooch who would not be around anyone. The Fairydogmother is patient, knowledgeable, kind and fun. Wonderful display technique of 'how to do sit, stay, leave' etc ...

Marie-Claire HallPuppy Class

Absolutely awesome. Very knowledgeable so professional but easily approachable too. My dogs adored her. It's still early days but following her instructions, I can already see a difference. Cannot recommend highly enough. She's AWESOME

Jay NeeBehaviour problem

Attended a six week puppy course for my cocker spaniel and I loved it! Charlie had so much fun, Kerry was so patient and gave such good advice and training methods. Charlie is now a well socialised puppy, loves meeting people and new situations which is definitely down to these puppy classes! Such good value for money.

Amy BrookCharlie - puppy class

Had a home visit behaviour consultation as our new puppy is very low on confidence and was fab! Kerry is brilliant and I would recommend her to everybody. Took the time to teach my children how to handle our new pup and they are now following her methods.

Alex SheffieldHome puppy/children's training