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A puppy training expert and behavioural specialist with over 12 years of education and hands on experience with dogs of all breeds and ages

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Hi, I’m Kerry, The Fairydogmother – I work with pet dog owners to help them build and improve their relationship with their dogs via fun, effective training.

I have always been an advocate for dogs as a force free, positive reinforcement trainer. We do not need to hurt or frighten dogs to ‘make’ them do what we want. Training is about learning together as a team.

Have a look around, pop your name in the subscribe box so I can keep in touch with free useful dog training stuff to help you along the way, visit and join The Happy Dog Project for free if you have a dog with any fear or anxiety related behaviours and if you have any questions, comments or just want to talk dog, hit the ‘Get in touch’ button.

Puppy Training

With 12 years experience you are in safe hands with all the help and advice you will need to have a happy, well-mannered puppy you will love to be around From toilet training, mouthing & play biting, jumping up at people, enjoying being handled & brushed, chewing, crate training and being sociable with humans and other dogs.


Adolescence can be a tough time; pushing boundaries, seemingly forgetting everything you taught them as a puppy. Recall goes out of the window as they become more confident and more curious of the world around them.


Providing your dog with at least some training is the best and most loving thing you can do for him. Training your dog ensures that he’s safe and welcome everywhere he goes and that he’s easy to live with. From pulling on the lead to help accepting a new puppy in the home.


Canine Behaviour Specialist

To find out more about behavioural training visit our specialised website The Happy Dog Project

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Jeckyll & Hyde dogs are scary to live with


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1:1 Puppy Training

Home puppy training is tailored specifically to you and your puppy, your goals and dreams, your lifestyle and your family.

Behaviour consultations

A dog with behaviour problems can be hard to live with but with step by step, proven, effective training programmes all it takes is teamwork.


Having a dog you can’t trust off lead is stressful and can be dangerous. Look forward to fun and relaxing walks with an easy, fun programme.


Our classes are real training in the real world. With limited small classes you get individual advice and real life skills.

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Puppy training is essential but it doesn’t need to break the bank.

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Top Rated Dog Trainers in the Leeds Area


Consistantly one of the three best rated dog trainers in Leeds since 2017.
The list is independently run: they handpick the best businesses using a 50 point criteria, including cutomer reviews, business reputation, cost, satisfaction and general excellence.


Rachel Tottle, Lilly

“Kerry is a complete Angel and trained us and our difficult dog with patience and care. Thank you very much for all your hard work.”

Natalie Leak, Bowie

“Where do I start? Everyone told me my boy Bowie was a lost cause. That he was dangerous . That he was beyond help and to put him to sleep. He was just 11 months old, a young male dog struggling with hormones, and he began to lash out. He had bitten. Attacked 2 dogs. become a dog i no longer recognized.

I had to get help. I met many trainers. But then I met Kerry. I instantly knew she was different from the rest and that she was going to help us. fast-forward 18 months (thanks covid) we now have our boy back. Balanced. Focused. Social. Happy.

Yes he may have a flare up in the future, but I now have all the tools and the confidence to get my boy through it all, and I couldn’t have done it without Kerry. I will be forever grateful for her help, advice, guidance and knowledge for bringing my boy back.”

Helen Coop, Juno

“Working with Kerry was great. Really appreciated how she listened and focussed on what was right for our dog and for us. Kerry has helped enormously, guiding us to help Juno overcome her anxiety around traffic. We picked up loads of other tips and fun tricks along the way and now have a happy, relaxed dog.

Leanne kennedy, Sky

“We will never be able to thank Kerry enough for her magic work on our girl sky. Sky is a rescue dog, and she was a dog reactive dog, and I say ‘was’ because we have seen such significant improvement in her. Sky is so much happier on her walks, and can focus on us instead of dogs now.

She still has the odd moment if her distance boundaries are pushed but overall I would say we have 98% reaction free walks. It’s made sky happier, and it’s made us so much more confident in walking her. We never thought she would be able to walk down the same street as another dog without reacting, but she’s smashing it.

This is after meeting The Fairydogmother only three times! Sky was also quick to make friends with Kerry, which normally takes a little while especially outside our home! I could not recommend her to you enough, honestly has worked wonders with our sky.”

Jennie Small, Bertie

“We have used Kerry on a one to one at home with our beagle puppy. We had only two sessions and couldn’t believe the difference in our young dog’s behaviour. He was a highly stressed, anxious dog with guarding issues and aggressive behaviour.

He became much calmer and turned into a loving dog who clearly enjoyed the training too! I had lost my trust in him due to him biting me but since following Kerry’s advice we developed a great bond between us. I can highly recommend Kerry”.

Phil Coates, Ruby

“We contacted Kerry to help with our rescue dog Ruby who was scared of everthing, but mainly people and also with pulling on the lead. We have successfully been able to walk her calmly after all the help and training.

Ruby is like a different dog around people with no lunging or barking any more. We were also able to intergrate Ruby with family members not living in our house. I can not thank Kerry enough for all the hard work and techniques we have learned working with her to help Ruby”.

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