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There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

Bernard Williams

Do you have PPP?

Post puppy panic can set in after a few days when you realise that the adorable little bundle of fluff you brought home is weeing everywhere, chewing your cushions and biting everyone. It can feel like he has totally taken over the house and every minute of your day seems to be now built around just trying to stop him doing all that stuff? Not to mention the lack of sleep.

But don’t worry – I absolutely love puppy training! As a puppy expert I know that getting your puppy off to a great start will mean you will have a pup you really enjoy having around, you will learn why he does what he does, how to change it and prevent behaviour problems developing as he grows up.

Get off to a great start

Encouragement, praise, consistency and fair rules are the keys to giving your puppy the very best start in life so you and your dog can look forward to a happy, and fun, future together.

My aim is to help you build a good, lasting relationship with your new puppy and help get you off to a great start.

You will learn all the basic training you will need plus additional information to prevent common behaviour problems before they develop and give you a good foundation for life with your new puppy. Only reward based and effective puppy training methods are used and I wholeheartedly believe that training should be lots of fun for both of you.

Prevent problems

I can’t stress enough the importance of early puppy training from the day you bring your bundle of fluff home at 8 weeks old. You have a short window of opportunity to teach the most urgent and important behaviours that can impact on your future together such as bite inhibition, housetraining, chewing, and the importance of human and dog socialisation.

Having a dog should be the most wonderful experience and bring years of joy and love …. or with a lack of training, it can badly affect both your quality of life and the life of your dog if he develops fears, phobias, other problem behaviours or just grows into an unruly hard to handle dog. Start the right way!

What do I do?

As a puppy expert I can give help and advice on everything you will possibly need to have a happy, well-mannered puppy you will love to be around and be proud to take out: From toilet training, accepting people being around food bowls and bones, mouthing & play biting, jumping up at people, accepting being handled & brushed, chewing, crate training and being sociable with humans and other dogs. Also great obedience starts early so learning to sit, down, stay, drop, leave items when asked, lead walking without pulling etc.

…. and so much more

Before he arrives

Good (or bad) experiences for your puppy start the moment you carry him through your front door. If you have never had a puppy before planning ahead and getting it right from day one really helps; Find out what to expect, get the right equipment, toys, help to make sure your puppy settles in quickly especially the scary first night for him without his mum and littermates.

Book a pre puppy visit and you will hit the ground running

Puppy Preschool

Training a puppy starts from the moment he arrives as he is learning all the time. Now is the time to teach him what you want and expect from him. How can he possibly know if you don’t teach him? If you’ve got a new puppy get to work now on training and socialization. The more you do in the early weeks, the better you will set yourself up for success.

The big wide world!

Training should start as soon as your puppy arrives home and ideally continue into adulthood.  I also do Puppy Club level 1 and level 2 classes; small, fun classes or it may be that getting to class every week is just too difficult to fit in to your schedule so it is easier to train your dog at home. I can continue home puppy training for as long as you like and take your puppy as far as you want to go, depending what you want to achieve.

This is what you can achieve …

This is Leo’s story – I first met Leo when he was ten weeks old and he was relentlessly chasing the resident cats Oscar and Charlie and it was causing problems. From then on we kept up with the training and Leo became an amazing dog

Choosing a puppy …. or how to not end up with a puppy farm puppy

Your puppy’s first few weeks of life with the breeder will have an effect on your dog both physically and emotionally. Problem behaviours that develop can be due to many different things, but one of those is genetics; research shows that if a bitch is put under stress and anxiety whilst pregnant it can make her puppies more likely to suffer from anxieties. Puppy farm puppies are highly likely to suffer emotional/behavioural problems. So please, please be careful where you get your puppy. Make sure you meet the puppy’s mum (and dad too if you can) What is her temperament like? Watch how the puppies behave, are they confident and inquisitive or hiding behind the sofa?. Ask LOTS of questions!

Puppy farms sell on to dealers posing as home breeders, some even go as far as having an adult dog to pose as the mother of the puppies. The law is changing so pups can only be sold if the mother is present so watch how she interacts with the puppies. If you have a gut feeling that something isn’t right walk away, you are probably right. I have had many clients who knew their pup was probably a farmed puppy: People who have bought puppies from people they met in car parks and felt they had to take him because he was wet and dirty and they wanted to ‘rescue’ him, or they couldn’t find the address (because it didn’t exist) so they met them elsewhere with the pup or delivered the puppy to them.

Puppy farms continue to thrive because people buy them – so please don’t!

They are extremely likely to be puppy farm puppies. Behaviour and health problems can be heartbreaking and hard to overcome.

Home bred puppies from a good, caring breeder will be socialised with people, they will have had lots of positive experiences and have become accustomed to normal household noises.

Kerry did an amazing job with Princess, she does training with her for all our TV performances. She’s also helped our other pup Empress with her recall. Highly recommend!

Krystyna LennonObedience, recall & Trick Training

Just had one session so far and Kerry has shown me a lot of good techniques. For the first time in the last week I have a dog that is tired - mentally. Definitely recommend to anyone with a new dog - puppy or not.

Caroline `StewartMac - Obedience

Awsome Lady. Her advice was great and solved behaviour problem between my two dogs. Highly recommended

Magdalena BartosiakBehaviour problem

Just attended a 6 week course and found it excellent. I have a very timid pooch who would not be around anyone. The Fairydogmother is patient, knowledgeable, kind and fun. Wonderful display technique of 'how to do sit, stay, leave' etc ...

Marie-Claire HallPuppy Class

Absolutely awesome. Very knowledgeable so professional but easily approachable too. My dogs adored her. It's still early days but following her instructions, I can already see a difference. Cannot recommend highly enough. She's AWESOME

Jay NeeBehaviour problem

Attended a six week puppy course for my cocker spaniel and I loved it! Charlie had so much fun, Kerry was so patient and gave such good advice and training methods. Charlie is now a well socialised puppy, loves meeting people and new situations which is definitely down to these puppy classes! Such good value for money.

Amy BrookCharlie - puppy class

Had a home visit behaviour consultation as our new puppy is very low on confidence and was fab! Kerry is brilliant and I would recommend her to everybody. Took the time to teach my children how to handle our new pup and they are now following her methods.

Alex SheffieldHome puppy/children's training