Membership Choices




Flexible options

You can switch between memberships at any time. Join Puppy club and when your pup is old enough move over to The Training Academy to get access to even more training to continue your dog’s training.

You can upgrade to the Challenge Crew any time, or downgrade back to The Academy.

THE training academy

This is way beyond an online dog training membership full of videos to DIY it.

The Fairydogmother Training Academy gives you access to speak to me. To ask me questions, come for advice and support, suggest topics for the deep dive discussions in the masterclass webinars & get motivation to reach your goals.

The community groups (like Facebook Groups) mean you can cheer each other on, share photos, ask questions 24/7

Puppy Club

If that post puppy panic has set in and you are feeling lost, exhausted and need help this is exactly what you need.

This is THE most important time of your dogs life and getting it right (or wrong) will affect the rest of your dog’s life.

Access to chat to me and ask questions in the live sessions and in the community group.

Challenge Crew

For puppies or adult dog this is a motivational support membership to keep you going.

I set a fun training challenge every month and help and encourage you to nail it with your dog or puppy. Don’t worry there will be easy challenges and more difficult versions for those who want to push on further.

I will post you equipment to help you do the challenge; that could be a target stick, floor mats, cones, hoops, buckets, toys, tugs …
There will be a video for you to follow and learn.
Update and chat in the community group to cheer each other on.
You upload your video at the end of the month for me to review.

If you achieve the challenge you will get a rosette and certificate in the post, along with an online badge on your profile to show off and collect points.

Perfect puppy program

  • Support from before your puppy arrives
  • Help you achieve those important deadlines
  • Live streamed training & advice via Teams video meetings
  • Ask the trainer clinics: Q&A live sessions every month
  • Masterclass live webinars
  • Train with me; puppy specific training
  • Video Training Vault
  • Puppy Chat Community Group
  • Newsfeed
  • New Content added every month
  • Full access to articles to help you
  • Teach you how to have fun with your pup

The Training Academy

  • Live streamed training & advice via Teams video meetings
  • Reach your goals in your own time
  • Ask the trainer: Q&A live sessions every month
  • Masterclass live webinars every month
  • Train with me; live training sessions every month
  • Video Training Vault
  • Community Chat Groups for support
  • Newsfeed full of updates
  • New content added every month
  • Full access to loads of articles to help you
  • Fun and motivational
  • Recordings of the live sessions to re-watch

Challenge Crew Membership

  • Fun motivational training
Access to everything in Puppy Club AND The Training Academy
Training items posted out to you each month
Monthly videos of how to teach the challenge
Challenge Crew Community for additional support
Achievement Rosette sent to you
Certificate for each challenge completed
Profile badges to collect for each challenge
Collect points for each challenge

Watch and train

Live teaching sessions, I will train one of my dogs so you can watch and practice with your dog.


Community chat groups, newsfeed, ask questions any time and get answers from me between live group chats.

Ask the Trainer

Group Teams video chat to ask me questions

Online Training at home

Videos, articles, recordings of Q&A sessions

Training Academy & Puppy Club Upcoming Events

24th October - Ask the trainer Q&A

Live Q&A session to ask me anything you want about your puppy, group Teams video chat. puppy club members 6pm, Adult dogs; 7pm

2nd November - live training demo

Watch and train; let me know what would like me to show you in the members chat group. Puppy Club 6pm, Adult dogs 7pm

Saturday 11th Nov - Ask the trainer live session

Live Q&A session to ask me anything you want about your puppy, group Teams video chat. puppy club members 4pm, Adult dogs; 5pm

13th November - New video releases


30th November Masterclass

Deep dive into a subject you need extra help with - voted by you.
Dog Training Academy 6pm, Puppy Club 7pm

For more info and to find the links to hop on to the Teams meetings please go to your membership area.