Join The Training Academy

Have a happy sociable dog you love spending time with

This isn’t just online training, it’s live sessions to chat, learn & ask questions to an expert with 13 years experience.


Locked in at £5.95 a month – available for a limited time only

Fun Interactive Training

A force free, fun, engaging dog training membership where you get to speak to me in person with three live Teams meetings every month, a community to chat, support each other and ask questions 24/7.

Force free • Science Led • Ethical

Training dogs should never be about forcing them to do something because they fear the consequences of not doing it. It ruins your relationship with your dog. Teaching and rewarding the right choices with patience, kindness and knowledge is always the right way

Training to suit you

Work in your own home, in your own time at your own pace. It doesn’t matter how much free time you have to train your dog; even ten minutes three times a day works wonders on your dog’s abilities and your relationship


  • Live training & advice via Teams video meetings
  • Reach your goals in your own time.
  • Ask the trainer clinics: Q&A live sessions every month
  • Masterclass live discussions
  • Watch and train with me; live training sessions

    You also get:

  • Recorded Video Training Vault
  • Community Chat Groups for support
  • Newsfeed; never miss a new video
  • Full access to articles to help you
  • Recordings of the live sessions to re-watch
  • Fun and motivational

Early bird discount

Only the first through the door will get a whopping 45% off

When they’ve gone they have gone, dont miss out on locking in the price for life.


for a limited time, LIMITED PLACES

Monthly subscription to support you and your dog all the way …. for the price of a sandwich every month!

Fun, interactive training club where you work at your own pace, in your own time. Jump on the regular live sessions or if you miss it watch it in the video vault.

Have a dog who listens to you, so you love spending time with a dog you can take anywhere.


Lock in at this price forever


  • Training videos
  • Access any time 24/7
  • Obedience, Tricks, lead skills, recall


  • Chat and ask questions any time


  • Q&A Sessions
  • Live watch and train sessions
  • Masterclass deep dive chats


  • Librabry of useful articles

Don’t miss the early bird discount

Only the first handful of people to join will get the price locked in at a whopping 45% off

When they’ve gone they have gone, dont miss out on locking in the price for life.


Do I get to speak direct with an experienced dog trainer?
At least two hours of live chat via Teams video with a dog training expert every month:
Q&A live sessions
Masterclass live webinars
Train with me lives
What else do I get?
Recorded Video Training Vault
Puppy Chat Community Group
Newsfeed so you don’t miss anything
New Content is added every month
Full access to articles to help you
Recordings of all the live sessions
Where do I find everything?
Just find your Membership in the main menu, you can get to everything from one page.
Can I book 1 to 1 training?
Yes, absolutely you can. Just hop over to
Can I get more support?
Yes, just switch your membership to the Challenge Crew (ONCE IT OPENS) – you will get a challenge every month with a training item posted to you, reviews of your videos, awards and recognition of all your dedication.
When are the live sessions?

They aren’t always on a set day/time every month, I vary the days and times sometimes to make sure everyone can access most of them. I don’t want you to ever be able to make some the lives because you always have to work that day. They will be evenings and Saturdays.

Can I cancel?
Yes, cancel, downgrade or upgrade your membership whenever you want.
You will lose access to everything if you cancel.

Watch and train

Live teaching sessions, I will train one of my dogs so you can watch and practice with your dog.


Community chat groups, newsfeed, ask questions any time and get answers from me between live group chats.

Ask the Trainer

Group Teams video chat to ask me questions

Online Training at home

Videos, articles, recordings of Q&A sessions

Training Academy & Puppy Club Upcoming Events

24th October - Ask the trainer Q&A

Live Q&A session to ask me anything you want about your puppy, group Teams video chat. puppy club members 6pm, Adult dogs; 7pm

2nd November - live training demo

Watch and train; let me know what would like me to show you in the members chat group. Puppy Club 6pm, Adult dogs 7pm

Saturday 11th Nov - Ask the trainer live session

Live Q&A session to ask me anything you want about your puppy, group Teams video chat. puppy club members 4pm, Adult dogs; 5pm

13th November - New video releases


30th November Masterclass

Deep dive into a subject you need extra help with - voted by you.
Dog Training Academy 6pm, Puppy Club 7pm

For more info and to find the links to hop on to the Teams meetings please go to your membership area.