Having control of your dog off lead

Having control of your dog is an essential part of owning a dog.
I love dogs being off lead to be able to sniff, play and interact socially. They need to be able to exhibit natural behaviours ie being a dog and doing dog things.
Not having control of your dog off lead is dangerous for your dog. Even those just being a general nuisance around other dogs and people in the park.
If you see a dog on a lead it is polite, respectful and safe to keep your dog away from that dog.
It may be on a lead because it is terrified of dogs, fear aggressive, in training for those things and trying to keep a safe distance away, it could be elderly, have an Illness, bad arthritis, just had an operation or be in season.
Keeping your dog at a respectful distance means putting your dog on a lead unless you have control of your dog so you can call them away and keep your dog with you until they have gone.
A bad mannered lose dog racing up to any on lead dog is unacceptable; even the most social dog when on a lead can get worried in that situation because they can’t move away if the don’t want to interact with your dog.
If you see a dog wearing yellow make damn sure your dog doesn’t run up because it’s likely to be a nervous dog … yellow ‘I need space’ coats, nervous leads and collars etc.
if your “my dog is just being friendly” dog races up to a nervous dog and it ends up in a bite/fight IT IS YOUR FAULT.
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