I can help you and your dog

overcome separation anxiety

Having a dog with separation anxiety is like being in permanent lockdown.

Worried about how distressed your dog is when you leave him?
Can’t leave the house without organising someone to look after your dog?
Spending a small fortune on daycare?
Coming home to destruction or complaints from neighbours?

Why does my dog have separation anxiety?

There is no conclusive evidence showing exactly why dogs develop separation anxiety. Any traumatic event such as being rehomed, death/loss of their owner, a family breakup, moving house.
Some dogs have a genetic predisposition

Three things you can do now to help your dog

  1. Join The Happy Dog Project – my FREE membership for all dogs with fear or anxiety
  2. Don’t leave your dog home alone to panic, make sure he only experiences alone time at a level he is comfortable with.
  3. Find out about all the myths about separation anxiety.