Pandemic puppies

Help! How do I socialise my puppy during lockdown?



  • The first three months is the most important time for your puppy to learn that the world isn’t a scary place.
  • People with older puppies this for you too – dogs go through a second fear imprint period between 6 and 14 months (depending on breed/size).

Free course and webinar: How to socialise your puppy during lockdown

The current advice from the Government to stay home on lockdown is worrying dog owners, especially if you have a puppy under three months who needs socialising. But stay home we must to keep ourselves safe and protect all those amazing NHS and front-line workers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

That means adapting to different ways to socialise our puppies in isolation.

But how?

It's important to socialise puppies from a young age, but with the lockdown and ongoing social distancing a lot of owners are worried they won't be able to do this.


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