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Which dogs are most likely to come out of lockdown with separation anxiety or Isolation distress and how can we prevent it?


The contrast from having owners at home with them all the time to then suddenly being home alone for long periods is going to be so huge for some dogs that it will trigger separation anxiety.
Thankfully there will  be a big group of dogs that are ok but you can’t be sure if your dog falls into one of the at risk groups so its better not to gamble with your dog’s future happiness and put things in place now.

Free webinar: How to prevent separation anxiety after lockdown

What causes separation anxiety? – Many things are believed to be a cause but it can be triggered in the same way as any fear or anxiety. Experiencing the trigger (being alone) at an intensity that causes fear. So, going from having their family at home for weeks/months and then they all suddenly disappear back to work is a sudden, over threshold experience of alone time.

High intensity home alone time over threshold is a trigger for separation anxiety.

Living with a dog with separation anxiety is like being in eternal lockdown for many people, unable to go out and leave their dog home alone, unable to have any spontaneity and nip out without planning ahead for dog sitters. I want to help prevent this for as many people as possible so I am doing a free webinar this week to help dog owners slowly transition their dogs to get used to real life alone time.

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