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Together you can achieve anything

“In dog culture, when someone calls you, you should absolutely not come if that results in the ending of something you like or initiation of something you don’t like.”

Jean Donaldson

That old but very important life quote – those who play together stay together – absolutely applies to dogs.

 In a nutshell, you need to be more fun!
My courses to teach great off lead skills are about you and your dog having fun together, throw in a basic recall, some obedience and impulse control games and Bob’s your Uncle – you have a dog who actually wants to stay with you instead of disappearing and having fun without you so he won’t come back. This isn’t hard work dog training – the majority of it involves you playing the right kind of games with your dog so we make you more fun to be around.

Why I teach this

Because I see so many people who tell me they don’t enjoy walking their dogs. In fact, many people actually dread walking their dog. Sometimes this means their dog is getting fewer, shorter and less enjoyable walks themselves because it is a chore for their owner. People are then left with an under-exercised, understimulated dog who is bouncing off the walls at home. This can cause all kinds of other behaviour problems.

Sometimes owners really start to feel like they have lost control with the ‘nightmare’ walks and now all kinds of behaviour problems to boot and if they don’t get help and change things for the better dogs get re-homed or sent to a rescue…. and this all started simply because their dog was embarrassing or frustrating out on walks, this may seem extreme – but it happens.

Is walking your dog no fun any more?

Walks with your dog should be enjoyable and relaxing – not stressful and frustrating. It’s a time to bond, chill out together, enjoy each other’s company and have fun together; not worry and stress over the fact that you just can’t get him back when you need to – or worse: that he might run away and get lost, injured, stolen or hit by a car!

I see people all the time wandering along, faffing with their phones,  daydreaming, chatting to mates they have met up with along the course of their usual walk – often the same walk they do every day with their dog –  leaving their dogs to go do their own thing… and when it comes to wanting to get their dog back they are either nowhere to be seen or way too busy enjoying themselves to want to come back.

Why does your dog not come back?

If you have a puppy START NOW! Or if you have an older dog who runs off or you just can’t get him back the chances are that it all went wrong between 6 & 14 months.  Young puppies generally lack the confidence to leave us and go off and explore. They stick with us like glue, we are their everything and it’s all wonderful and lovely and people think they’ve cracked it and their dog is amazing.

…. Then BANG, your dog hits adolescence and your ‘wonderful’ puppy is now ignoring you out on walks. It’s as though you aren’t even there anymore and that once perfect puppy who adored being near you is now a source of embarrassment, frustration and sometimes utter panic outdoors as you stand there screaming your head off to no avail as you watch your dog do as he pleases or legs it chasing a squirrel into the woods.

My recall/off lead course is all about having fun with your dog – and more importantly its about your dog having fun with you! (with some obedience and impulse control thrown in). Along with teaching a solid recall cue I teach you lots of games to play with your dog specifically designed to make your dog WANT to stay with you on walks.

If everything else on your walk is more fun or more interesting that you he will go do them, have loads of fun without you and you will struggle to get him back. Why would he come back if he is having more fun without you.

Behaviours only continue if they are reinforced – and playing with other dogs is a highly reinforcing activity your dog will choose over coming back to you as that ends his fun.
Behaviours become  habits – dogs get into the habit of turning up to the park and doing what they usually do – frequently that involves completely ignoring you and having the best time without you.

Kerry did an amazing job with Princess, she does training with her for all our TV performances. She’s also helped our other pup Empress with her recall. Highly recommend!

Krystyna LennonObedience, recall & Trick Training

Just had one session so far and Kerry has shown me a lot of good techniques. For the first time in the last week I have a dog that is tired - mentally. Definitely recommend to anyone with a new dog - puppy or not.

Caroline `StewartMac - Obedience

Awsome Lady. Her advice was great and solved behaviour problem between my two dogs. Highly recommended

Magdalena BartosiakBehaviour problem

Just attended a 6 week course and found it excellent. I have a very timid pooch who would not be around anyone. The Fairydogmother is patient, knowledgeable, kind and fun. Wonderful display technique of 'how to do sit, stay, leave' etc ...

Marie-Claire HallPuppy Class

Absolutely awesome. Very knowledgeable so professional but easily approachable too. My dogs adored her. It's still early days but following her instructions, I can already see a difference. Cannot recommend highly enough. She's AWESOME

Jay NeeBehaviour problem

Attended a six week puppy course for my cocker spaniel and I loved it! Charlie had so much fun, Kerry was so patient and gave such good advice and training methods. Charlie is now a well socialised puppy, loves meeting people and new situations which is definitely down to these puppy classes! Such good value for money.

Amy BrookCharlie - puppy class

Had a home visit behaviour consultation as our new puppy is very low on confidence and was fab! Kerry is brilliant and I would recommend her to everybody. Took the time to teach my children how to handle our new pup and they are now following her methods.

Alex SheffieldHome puppy/children's training