If you have a dog who pulls on the lead it is a real drag (literally in some cases), it spoils your walks and ruins the enjoyment of taking your dog out. Whether you have a big strong dog, lots of dogs or just a small one, pulling on the lead problems range from painful to just downright annoying.

Most people don’t want even want, or expect ‘perfect’ heelwork, just a dog who walks close by without pulling.

People try all sorts in desperation to stop their dog dragging them round the streets because of painful shoulders and sore hands. Plus the fact that its just not fun and people get mad with their dog, stressed and irritated but it’s not your dog’s fault.

Walking calmly by your side is tough for your dog to do, firstly he needs to walk slower than his normal walking pace AND ignore all the smells and everything else in a highly stimulating, exciting environment. That is why people find it so hard to do, because it’s hard for your dog to do!

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Kerry did an amazing job with Princess, she does training with her for all our TV performances. She’s also helped our other pup Empress with her recall. Highly recommend!

Krystyna LennonObedience, recall & Trick Training

Just had one session so far and Kerry has shown me a lot of good techniques. For the first time in the last week I have a dog that is tired - mentally. Definitely recommend to anyone with a new dog - puppy or not.

Caroline `StewartMac - Obedience

Awsome Lady. Her advice was great and solved behaviour problem between my two dogs. Highly recommended

Magdalena BartosiakBehaviour problem

Just attended a 6 week course and found it excellent. I have a very timid pooch who would not be around anyone. The Fairydogmother is patient, knowledgeable, kind and fun. Wonderful display technique of 'how to do sit, stay, leave' etc ...

Marie-Claire HallPuppy Class

Absolutely awesome. Very knowledgeable so professional but easily approachable too. My dogs adored her. It's still early days but following her instructions, I can already see a difference. Cannot recommend highly enough. She's AWESOME

Jay NeeBehaviour problem

Attended a six week puppy course for my cocker spaniel and I loved it! Charlie had so much fun, Kerry was so patient and gave such good advice and training methods. Charlie is now a well socialised puppy, loves meeting people and new situations which is definitely down to these puppy classes! Such good value for money.

Amy BrookCharlie - puppy class

Had a home visit behaviour consultation as our new puppy is very low on confidence and was fab! Kerry is brilliant and I would recommend her to everybody. Took the time to teach my children how to handle our new pup and they are now following her methods.

Alex SheffieldHome puppy/children's training

My puppy and I loved attending Level 1 puppy class. Kerry is amazing with wealth of experience and knowledge. Looking forward to attend more classes with her. I would definitely recommend her for anyone who is looking for a good trainer.

Ehsan MotavasselPuppy Class

I’ve recently had a couple of one to one sessions with Kerry as my Cockapoo Bailey was petrified of other dogs, he would run in the complete opposite direction, I used to dread another dog coming as I knew that one day, Bailey would run off & id never find him. I honestly cant thank Kerry enough for everything she’s taught us, I feel like I’ve got a different dog, he’s absolutely amazing around other dogs now, loves them to bits, if anything, he’s the one going up to them, which I never imagined happening. I’m so happy I can now walk him off lead & enjoy it! Thanks again Kerry!

Sophie HaffendenDog reactivity

Hi Kerry, We’re doing fabulously! The interventions you showed us have worked
amazingly. The food stealing has stopped (unless we do something
really stupid like leaving something within reach) and the recall is better and he’s much more
focussed on us on a walk now we’re using flirt poles and balls and less interested in other dogs.
We splashed out on a cave bed for our living area which he really likes.
He’s gradually turned into a much better behaved dog!
Thanks for all your help!

Rachel Morrison