The Happy Dog Project Clinic is here!

  • Have you got a dog who lunges, barks or growls at other dogs? 

  • Or a dog who growls at you when you try and take something off him at home – a bone or a sock he has stolen? 

  • A dog who destroys your house or barks the place down when you leave him alone to go to work because he is terrified of being alone? 

  • Or one who growls, backs off or snaps at people who approach to try and stroke him?

  • A dog who gets spooked easily or one with sound phobias.

Being the owner of a fearful, anxious dog is hard; it is emotional, frustrating even quite scary sometimes.

I want to help as many people as I can so I have a date for your diary: The Happy Dog Project clinic will be on Saturday 4th April at 2:30 pm.

It is an opportunity to come along and get plenty of useful information and practical advice to help your fearful or anxious dog.
I will have a guest speaker, possibly two (which will be announced in the next couple of weeks). There will be a talk from both of us, a demo with some useful training to help you with your dog and then you can relax, grab a coffee and some cake and there will be an opportunity to have a chat with me about your dogs struggles.

And get this – I am not charging anything to attend the clinic, I am doing this FOR FREE! all I ask is that you make a donation at the door of £10 – all donations will be split between German Shepherd Dog Rescue and Moorview Rescue. 

This is a dog-free event (because I don’t want a room full of anxious dogs barking at each other or at people) so please leave your dogs at home.

Whilst you are welcome to just turn up on the day, if you register to attend using the form here you may be chosen to bring your dog on the day for a free consultation to help your dog overcome their struggles. 

You are welcome to just turn up but if you register here and come to the event you will get online access to lots of help for your dog and will be in with a chance to bring along your dog for more free help on the day

By registering for the event it helps me know how much cake to buy 🙂 and you are giving permission to The Fairydogmother to contact you by email with information and updates about the event plus occasional emails with useful free information, training tips and behaviour information that will help your fearful/anxious dog.
You can unsubscribe at any time

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