Anxiety and fear


Whether your dog has generalised anxiety in his life and gets spooked by many things in his environment or a specific fear or anxiety such as dog reactivity, fear of strangers, guarding or separation anxiety, building confidence in your dog’s day to day life generally helps them deal with the main problem.

In addition to that being able to relax and spend more of their days calm and chilled helps reduce anxiety levels.


Dogs, particularly anxious dogs, need periods of calmness every day to return to normal balanced levels.

I mentioned them having a bucket that fills up with all the fearful experiences during the day, periods of calmness empties that bucket of theirs – a hole in the bottom that lets everything else slowly seep out so they are ready to face life outside your house, or a visitor or whatever it is that makes them react.

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Confidence Building

Building confidence is an important part of your dogs progress. You want a dog who is optimistic, a cup half full kind of dog rather than one who walks around under a big black cloud always expecting the worst.

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