Get better at disengaging with people without feeling bad about it.

If someone wants to make a fuss of your dog and you don’t think it is appropriate or will benefit your dog at the time don’t be afraid to say no or move your dog away.

Why might it not be appropriate;
Your dog isn’t comfortable around strangers
There is a big crowd of people and it will be too much stress for your dog
It will make your dog too excited and you are about to do some training with your dog
You are on your way to a competition or class and you need your dog to be calm and focused
You are in a pub or cafe and want your dog to stay calm and relaxed in that environment.

Speaking of which I was sat in the Royalty last year with my two children and two of my dogs, both boys happily eating, dogs settled lying on the floor by our feet. We had been on a nice long walk with the dogs on the Chevin and fancied lunch before going home and I just wanted to chill.

Enter lady who burst through the door with a bouncy young Cocker Spaniel.

She spotted us and immediately headed towards us, obviously with the intention of letting her over excited dog come right over to say hello to my dogs.

I shot her a look that Mr Freeze would have been very proud of and she veered off and sat down.

Now I love Spaniels but really didn’t want our lovely calm lunch ruined by a lady and her bouncy dog, it was inappropriate and quite rude of her to approach when we were clearly in the middle of lunch.

After we had eaten and were about to leave I went over (without my dogs) to say hello to her lovely Working Cocker, who was a little cutie.

Sometimes you just have to say no, as Zammo said in the eighties (for those old enough to remember 😆😀)