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The key question is not ‘how do I stop this problem behaviour?’ Rather, the question is what do I want him to do instead….and teach it.

I work with the whole dog, I don’t ‘stick a plaster on the problem’ as many things in a dog’s life have an impact on behaviour.  In addition to behaviour modification for the specific problem your program may include making changes to many aspects of your dog’s life  that will help your dog become less anxious and a much a happier, and you a much happier, stress-free owner.

It takes courage to stop, stand back and accept that you need help and then to commit to the time to make those changes. I admire anyone who will commit time in the busy lives we all lead to help their dog overcome behavioural problems, and so many people do – and succeed with my support.

You may have tried without success to resolve the problems yourself,  or you thought your dog would ‘grow out of it’ (they don’t) or  you may have adopted a rescue dog who arrived with problems.

Solving behaviour struggles will not only improve your dog’s quality of life immensely but yours too, it will increase your bond with each other and make your life together so much more enjoyable.

Dog reactive dogs:

Crazy to calm

Does your dog bark, lunge or growl at other dogs making your walks a nightmare?
It’s frustrating, distressing, even embarrassing when your dog behaves like that every time they see a dog.
I see many, many dogs who aren’t comfortable around other dogs, they are frightened and just want the dog to go away.
Some dogs can bark out of sheer frustration on lead because they want to go say hello.

Whatever the reason my crazy to calm programme has been specifically designed for dogs who are reactive to other dogs and it will help them become calmer, more confident and more relaxed.

Turn your fearful or frustrated dog into a friendly and unflappable pooch.

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Menacing to mellow

Living with a Jekyll and Hyde dog is hard, a usually loving and wonderful family dog turns into an aggressive, fierce Tasmanian devil around whatever it is they feel the need to protect.

Dogs guard all kinds of things for all kinds of reasons. The most common are guarding food items or those precious prizes they have stolen and taken under a table where they will growl at you if you approach, but they can also guard  toys, people or places.

My programme will help you Banish Mr Hyde for good.

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Separation Anxiety

Terrified to tranquil

Do you feel awful leaving your dog alone because you know it distresses him?

Some of the signs your dog may be distressed at being alone:
barking, whining or howling
Chewing, scratching, destroying things
Preventing owner leaving the house
Self mutilation (excessive licking, chewing)

Dogs can develop this for all kinds of reasons, some dogs (and some breeds) are more prone to it than others.  This isn’t anxiety, it is sheer panic and is so distressing for dogs and owners too and I have a programme that will help your dog be much happier to be left alone.

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Fear, anxiety and phobias

Dogs can become scared of all kinds of things for all manner of reasons; they bark, whine, hide behind your legs or even bite when pushed.

You may not know why your dog is afraid or what initially triggered it – what matters is how you deal with it.

Confidence building through appropriate training will help your dog overcome their fears and become the happy, confident dog

Barking or Destructive dog?

Is your dog is destroying your house or barking constantly and driving you nuts?

Some dogs become very barky, barking at every noise outside, everyone who walks past the window or barking at their owner constantly. Barking is a normal behaviour but excessive barking becomes a nuisance. It drives owners crackers and causes stress and spoils your relationship with your dog.

A consultation will allow me to assess WHY your dog is barking at everything or ripping up your stuff I can give you a programme to help prevent it happening in the future.

Fear of strangers:

Snappy to sociable

Does your dog snap, growl or lunge when people approach or try and stroke your dog and you feel like you are constantly apologising for his behaviour?

Some people think they can touch or stroke your dog without asking first – and then they give you a hard time when your dog reacts badly to it.

Some dogs  aren’t comfortable around people they don’t know, whether that is because of lack of socialisation as a puppy, previous bad experience or genetics.

At home your dog may be fear aggressive towards unknown people and all your friends have stopped coming round.

My snappy to sociable programme will help your dog become more confident and relaxed around people.

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If you have a reactive or fearful dog and want to keep him safe – or you just want to sit in a pub without people and their dogs bothering you while you eat – I have just the thing.

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Kerry did an amazing job with Princess, she does training with her for all our TV performances. She’s also helped our other pup Empress with her recall. Highly recommend!

Krystyna LennonObedience, recall & Trick Training

Just had one session so far and Kerry has shown me a lot of good techniques. For the first time in the last week I have a dog that is tired - mentally. Definitely recommend to anyone with a new dog - puppy or not.

Caroline `StewartMac - Obedience

Awsome Lady. Her advice was great and solved behaviour problem between my two dogs. Highly recommended

Magdalena BartosiakBehaviour problem

Just attended a 6 week course and found it excellent. I have a very timid pooch who would not be around anyone. The Fairydogmother is patient, knowledgeable, kind and fun. Wonderful display technique of 'how to do sit, stay, leave' etc ...

Marie-Claire HallPuppy Class

Absolutely awesome. Very knowledgeable so professional but easily approachable too. My dogs adored her. It's still early days but following her instructions, I can already see a difference. Cannot recommend highly enough. She's AWESOME

Jay NeeBehaviour problem

Attended a six week puppy course for my cocker spaniel and I loved it! Charlie had so much fun, Kerry was so patient and gave such good advice and training methods. Charlie is now a well socialised puppy, loves meeting people and new situations which is definitely down to these puppy classes! Such good value for money.

Amy BrookCharlie - puppy class

Had a home visit behaviour consultation as our new puppy is very low on confidence and was fab! Kerry is brilliant and I would recommend her to everybody. Took the time to teach my children how to handle our new pup and they are now following her methods.

Alex SheffieldHome puppy/children's training