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What do you get?

Six private sessions tailored to you and your puppy. From his arrival starting with sessions at home working on stopping all that biting and chewing and weeing all over your house, some basic obedience and manners. Moving on to sessions outdoors to get a grip on nice lead walking, off lead training with recall essentials & brushing up on outdoor obedience and good manners.

Sessions will be at your home until your puppy is vaccinated, at The Fairydogmother office, or outdoors in my local area – it will probably be a mixture of locations depending on what we are working on. Each session is one hour.

*If you live more that 30 minutes from LS19 7XL all sessions will be in my location unless discussed on the phone prior to booking.



*These sessions are training not behavioural consultations – e.g. if your puppy shows fearful or aggressive behaviour, or barks/lunges/growls at dogs or people, guards food or objects, or has separation anxiety please visit our sister site www.thehappydogproject.co.uk and arrange a phone call to discuss your struggles.






Six 1 to 1 training sessions Six packed sessions to take you step by step from arrival to a well socialised confident happy dog
Lead skills Course Lead skills home study video course, you may not need this but as it is a common problem I have included it.
Puppy Training Course Full puppy club home study course.
Body Language Workbook Because everyone needs to have more ‘conversations’ with their dog and understand them better.
Training pack With Essentials to help your training


Whats next?

What happens after I pay?

Once you have paid for the training program stay in the booking app and either hit the blue BOOK NOW button or use the menu and choose start booking.

  • Choose “Book Your Training Sessions
  • Choose the location you want to book
  • Find a convenient date and time


You will be added to a membership area on this website where you can log in and check locations/meeting points. To find it go to MY TRAINING in the main menu

You will also have access to your supporting online courses. Go to MY COURSES in the menu.

Your appointment reminder email/text message will contain a link with directions