Adventures Classes

Next classes start 13th January 2024

Join the fun to make sure youur puppy gets the best start possible

They are on Saturdays at 1pm as some of the classes are outdoors and evenings are too dark between September and April.

Not just a puppy Class … these are Fairydogmother Puppy Adventures!

A smaller class means more personal help tailored to you and your puppy.

Puppies up to 24 weeks old on the first class you attend

Classes are weekly on Saturdays for 5 weeks.

£139.95 for five weeks of fun and learning!

You will get help with the important basics – clickers & markers, rewards, sit, lie down, dropping stuff, leave it, lead skills & some recall etc. like traditional puppy classes. Along with a whole online course to help you with those things

But real world learning is so much more important I want your puppy to have a happy life able to deal with all the situations he will have to face – happily and with confidence.

Learning how to deal with the big new world they will have to live in to help them thrive.

  • Building confidence
  • Learning how to interact with their world
  • Learning how to behave appropriately in different situations and locations
  • How to socialise your pup in the best way possible
  • To have a confident social pup who can also stay calm, relaxed, and chilled when needed.
  • How to read your dog and other dogs’ body language out on walks

Having a puppy life coach to help your puppy learn in a real environment is so much more beneficial for your puppy than the artificial environment of doing all the training a church hall.

These are puppy adventures, essential life skills in a real environment not an artificial one.

5 classes, 4 locations

If there is no availability in class soon enough for you then don’t worry, you can add the Puppy Home and Social add-on and we can do two home sessions before you start classes.